Areas of Excellence

RAMP Economics offers a range of specialised economics and business related services. We specialise in answering challenging questions, and solving the hardest problems relating to economic development. The following areas have been identified as ‘Areas of Excellence’ where RAMP Economics offers world-class services.

Socio-Economic & Community Development

RAMP Economics provides specialists research, analysis, and planning services directed at a wide range of socio-economic and community development projects. RAMP Economics also provides sub-consultant services on projects with a notable socio-economic research / profiling component including construction projects, infrastructure projects, property development projects, and other projects where understanding the dynamics of a local operating environment and local community is of critical importance.

RAMP Economics makes use of only the highest quality research tools and industry approved statistical research methodologies to undertake research and analysis.

RAMP Economics is proud to partner with Development Partners for expert advice in projects with a socio-economic & community development component. Dr. Deon Pretorius is the founder and managing director of Development Partners, with over 35 years of experience in the development space. 

Socio-Economic & Community Development specific services include:

  • Socio-economic research, profiling, and analysis
  • Economic sector research & trend analysis
  • Public policy review and analysis
  • Economic development project planning and advice
  • Community development project planning and advice
  • Community / Stakeholder surveys
  • Community / Stakeholder workshops & mediation

Agriculture & Agri-Industry

RAMP Economics offers an unparalleled suit of services directed at the agriculture and greater agricultural manufacturing industry. From initial investigations into agricultural production potential, to developing bankable business plans for agro-industrial projects, to assisting government and industry stakeholders develop trade policy and trade infrastructure, RAMP Economics is capable and experienced in researching and planning projects of any scale, in any operating environment, and at any stage of the agricultural value-chain.

RAMP Economics is proud to partner with The Agricultural and Industrial Marketing Company for expert advice in agricultural economics and trade marketing.

Agriculture & Agri-Industry specific services include:

  • Agriculture project feasibility analysis & project optimisation
  • Agriculture sector research
  • Agricultural product marketing
  • Agri-industry / Agro-processing project feasibility analysis & project optimisation
  • Public sector agricultural project development
  • Business planning
  • Financial forecasting & investment optimisation
  • Product fitting
  • Product marketing
  • Trade facilitation (imports & exports)
  • Strategic value-chain investment guidance
  • Agriculture strategy development
  • Rural agriculture project planning and development
  • Technology fitting / identification of suitable technologies
  • Small-holder / Cooperative / Community specific services
    • Training and development
    • Stakeholder engagement & mediation
    • Cooperative / Trust design & guidance

Renewable Energy & Green Technology

One of the key issues limiting the development potential in Africa is access to stable electricity. Another is the use of inefficient technologies that reduce productivity and result in negative environmental externalities.

RAMP Economics provides a suite of services directed at the development on safe and sustainable energy and green technology projects across Africa, from research in to renewable energy project potential, to the design and implementation of systems and technology in both large industrial and rural development contexts.

RAMP Economics is proud to partner with Solar Vault for expert service in the research and design of renewable energy systems, and green technology projects.

Renewable Energy & Green Technology specific services include:

  • Feasibility Assessment & Business Planning of Green Technology Projects
  • Resource Optimisation (System Analysis & Technology Investment)
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of Green Technology Investments
  • Green Technology Financing
  • REI4P Socio-Economic Impact Assessments
  • REI4P Community Engagement / Mediation Services
  • Renewable Energy System Design & Implementation
  • Renewable Energy Financial Analysis & Financing
  • Industrial & Domestic Energy Usage Optimisation
  • Mini-Grid Design and Implementation

Economics Analysis & Data Analysis

RAMP Economics provides advanced analytical services, enabled by highly talented statistical and economic modelling professionals, and powered by RAMP Economics detailed research and data gathering expertise. RAMP Economics technical capabilities cover all major industry approved statistical and econometric techniques, and make use of the most advanced statistical and econometric modelling software.

RAMP Economics combines these technical capabilities with practical analytical processes, insightful research, and feedback from industry and community stakeholders to ensure that our analyses reflect real world observations.

Economic Analysis & Data Analysis services include:

  • Economic modelling
  • Statistical data analysis
  • Econometric forecasting & model optimisation
  • Economic impact assessments
  • Cost-benefit analyses
  • Investment analysis
  • Business financial planning

Property Sector Research & Project Planning

RAMP Economics offers specialist property research, feasibility, and business planning services to the property sector. RAMP Economics has experience in a wide range of property projects in all major property sub-sectors, ranging from feasibility studies of state-subsidised social housing projects to business planning of large mixed-use property developments.

Backed by a strong GIS and specialist spatial planning team, RAMP Economics offers numerous niche and advanced services that can provide critical insight into project feasibility and future development potential to both public sector and private sector clients.

Property Sector Research & Project Planning specific services include:

  • Property sector research
  • Development feasibility assessments         
  • Market research
  • Business planning & financial projections
  • Property development finance (through Cresco Project Finance)
  • Spatial planning guidance & forecasting
  • Priority sub-sectors include:
    • Residential property sect
    • Affordable & Subsidised housing schemes
    • Retail property sector
    • Commercial office sector
    • Hotel / Tourism Accommodation Sector
    • Medical property sector
    • Industrial property sector

Sustainable Development & Urban Mobility

RAMP Economics provides specialist services in the areas of sustainable urban / settlement development, and in the area of urban mobility and transport economics.

RAMP Economics is proud to sponsor with Liveable City for research and expert advice in the areas of sustainable development and urban mobility planning. Liveable City is a non-profit company focussed on changing the way urban development and mobility issues are approached in South Africa, and developing collaboration between stakeholders in infrastructure planning, community development, and mobility project planning.

RAMP Economics and Liveable City are both dedicated to championing safe and efficient transport systems, including pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, as well as inclusive and sustainable urban development.

Property Sector Research & Project Planning specific services include:

  • Guidance on matters of sustainable urban development, urban mobility, and inclusive transport systems
  • Analysis of impact and effectiveness of mobility and social programmes
  • Analysis of impact and effectiveness of infrastructure projects
  • GIS Mapping and spatial data representation
  • Research into urban mobility and sustainable urban development
  • Municipal & Government Strategy & Planning