Newsletter - July 2019

Grant Hancock
1 second ago

Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber

RAMP Economics is proud to announce that we have become members of the Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber.

The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber is one of the largest business association in the Eastern Cape with a membership of approximately 700 businesses employing approximately 60 000 people, representing a broad spectrum of businesses in Nelson Mandela Bay.

Through the business chamber, RAMP Economics hopes to play  our part in growing the Nelson Mandela Bay economy, partnering with local industry to address the challenging and complicated business environment. We also look forward to adding our voice to the discussions around key issues affecting the local Nelson Mandela Bay and Eastern Cape economy. 


Into Africa

RAMP Economics’ major goal is to be a leading provider of economic development services across Africa. This month saw major progress in achieving that goal. Through June and July RAMP has been reaching out to business leaders, associations, and agencies across Africa in a bid to establish new relationships and further develop existing ones.

These efforts were aided by our colleagues in the RAMP Partner Network and other valued associates.

In the next few months, RAMP Economics will continue to develop our relationship base across the continent. Initial investigations have been made into joining key business organisations such as the leading business chambers in Kenya, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

RAMP Economics has been pleased to receive such positive response to our company across the continent, and are looking forward to adding value and participating in the African economic renaissance.


Partner Network

This month has demonstrated the value of our strong and ever developing RAMP Partner Network. We have been hard at work collaborating with our partners on projects, including a number of very interesting tenders. Entering the tender market is challenging for a new company (a topic we will discuss in a future blog post), however the strength of our growing partner network has allowed us to respond to a number of interesting tenders.

The enthusiasm shown for the Partner Network concept has been tremendous, and we look forward to presenting many new business partnerships in the coming months, both within South Africa and abroad.


Business Community

RAMP Economics is not a passive organisation. In June and July RAMP Economics has been active in engaging with notable businesses and organisations across the Nelson Mandela Bay region.

These engagements are incredibly important to us, as they allow us to learn about the latest developments, challenges, and dynamics within the economies we operate in, learn more about the industries we serve, and get to grips with the latest technological developments.

RAMP Economics is also committed to telling ‘Good News’ stories about local South African and African businesses and organisations that are doing things differently, succeeding in difficult environments, or do not get the credit they deserve in supporting the goals of economic growth and development.

By keeping our fingers on the pulse of the ever changing economy, and forces us to keep adapting our services and approach so that we may offer valuable services of the highest quality.


Next Month – Hitting the Road

August is set to be another busy month at RAMP Economics. August sees us hit the road on trips to Cape Town (beginning of August) and East London (late August) for several key business engagements. These trips will also allow us to engage with key local business associations and leading business entities as we continue to expand the RAMP Partner Network and develop strong relationships across South Africa.

If you are in Cape Town or East London and would like to engage with us, please contact