Small Cities, Big Opportunities

Grant Hancock
1 month ago
In business, as in life, the only certainty is change and amidst this global crisis we are seeing a massive shift in the way business is conducted. We have shifted onto a new development path and along with the risks come opportunities. Opportunities, that I will elaborate on here, that may just play in the favour of smaller cities such as Nelson Mandela Bay.

Rwanda – A shining light in Africa

Grant Hancock
10 months ago
Rwanda has emerged from unthinkable turmoil to become one of the fastest growing, and most inspirational success stories on the African continent.

RAMP Economics and AIM sow the seeds to success

Grant Hancock
11 months ago
RAMP Economics is proud to announce the signing of an agreement of partnership and cooperation with The Agricultural & Industrial Marketing Company (AIM), officially welcoming AIM to the RAMP Partner Network.

Newsletter - July 2019

Grant Hancock
1 second ago
RAMP Economics presents our latest newsletter for the month of July 2019

World-Class Engineering at Home in the Bay

Grant Hancock
1 year ago
Excel Tooling is the type of company that South Africa needs, and a brilliant example that manufacturers in Nelson Mandela Bay can compete with the best in the world.