RAMP Economics and AIM sow the seeds to success

Grant Hancock
1 year ago

RAMP Economics is proud to announce the signing of an agreement of partnership and cooperation with The Agricultural & Industrial Marketing Company (AIM), officially welcoming AIM to the RAMP Partner Network.

The Agricultural and Industrial Marketing Company (AIM) is a firm of agricultural economists and trade development experts specialising in the development and support of rural development and rural agricultural projects.

AIM is lead by Mr. Anton Scheepers. Anton is a former director and head of the economics marketing section of the Department of Agriculture.

He started AIM exporting fruit and flowers to the Middle East, to focus exclusively on consulting to the marketing needs of individuals/groups of farmers and industrialists, as well as their representative councils, agencies and associations.

The key focus of AIM over the past 20 years has been to provide growth solutions to brownfields projects as well as market driven solutions to greenfield projects. AIM has been particularly active in assisting various developmental clients with market lead “turn-around” strategies for major agricultural, timber as well as aquaculture projects.

AIM has also been particularly active in the establishment of greenfields agricultural projects providing a complete suite of services including site selection, project design, bills of quantity, staff selection, implementation as well as management of such integrated agricultural projects. The company enjoys experience and direct relationships with agricultural input, equipment and infrastructural suppliers across the globe, enabling the company to respond to any requests for primary production, product beneficiation, supply chain management as well as market directed supply.

AIM also provides assistance in the marketing/sourcing of agricultural and industrial products and services both locally and internationally.

AIM’s clients include the Development Bank of Southern Africa, Industrial Development Corporations, Airports Authorities, Corridor Groups, USAID, FAO (EU), trading companies, Export Councils, Major Industry Councils & Associations, Industrial Development Zones and other trade and investment bodies not just in South Africa, but also elsewhere in Africa and in the Middle East.

Together, RAMP Economics and AIM offer an unparalleled suit of services directed at the agriculture and greater agricultural manufacturing industry. From initial investigations into agricultural production potential, to developing bankable business plans for agro-industrial projects, to assisting government and industry stakeholders to develop trade strategies and condusive trading environments, RAMP Economics and AIM are capable and experienced in researching and planning projects of any scale, in any operating environment, and at any stage of the agricultural value-chain.

Agriculture & Agri-Industry specific services include:

  • Agriculture project feasibility analysis & project optimisation
  • Agriculture sector research
  • Agricultural product marketing
  • Agri-industry / Agro-processing project feasibility analysis & project optimisation
  • Public sector agricultural project development
  • Business planning
  • Financial forecasting & investment optimisation
  • Product fitting
  • Product marketing
  • Trade facilitation (imports & exports)
  • Strategic value-chain investment guidance
  • Agriculture strategy development
  • Rural agriculture project planning and development
  • Technology fitting / identification of suitable technologies
  • Small-holder / Cooperative / Community specific services
    • Training and development
    • Stakeholder engagement & mediation
    • Cooperative / Trust design & guidance

Get in contact to find out how RAMP Economics and AIM can assist with your agriculture projects.