RAMP Economics partners with Solar Vault

Grant Hancock
1 year ago

RAMP Economics partners with Solar Vault

RAMP Economics is proud to announce the signing of an agreement of partnership and cooperation with Solar Vault, officially welcoming Solar Vault to the RAMP Partner Network.

Solar Vault is a renewable and green technology company specialising in the analysis of energy needs, design of optimal energy solutions, and implementation of power generation and other green technology projects. Solar Vault makes use of the most advanced technology matched with a practical understnading of the African development environment.

Dr. Ross Schultz is technical director at Solar Vault, and is also post-doc researcher at the Centre for Energy Research at the Nelson Mandela University. Dr. Schultz holds a PhD. in engineering physics from the Nelson Mandela University, one of South Africa’s leading renewable energy research centres.

RAMP and Solar Vault have both noted that access to stable electricity is one of the key issues limiting the development potential in Africa. Another is the use of inefficient technologies that reduce productivity and result in negative environmental externalities.

RAMP Economics, together with Solar Vault, provides a suite of services directed at the development of safe and sustainable energy and green technology projects across Africa, from research into renewable energy project potential, to the design and implementation of systems and technology in both large industrial and rural development contexts.

RAMP Economics is proud to partner with Solar Vault for expert service in the research and design of renewable energy systems, and green technology projects.

Renewable Energy & Green Technology specific services include:

•          Feasibility Assessment & Business Planning of Green Technology Projects

•          Resource Optimisation (System Analysis & Technology Investment)

•          Cost-Benefit Analyses of Green Technology Investments

•          Green Technology Financing

•          REI4P Socio-Economic Impact Assessments

•          REI4P Community Engagement / Mediation Services

•          Renewable Energy System Design & Implementation

•          Renewable Energy Financial Analysis & Financing

•          Industrial & Domestic Energy Usage Optimisation

•          Mini-Grid Design and Implementation